In-house lab, fully digitized process

ABC Labs offers fast and precise end-to-end drug testing for workplaces and treatment centers. Our science is developed by key opinion leaders, and our fully digitized process ensures you receive precise results quickly, safely, and reliably.


Drug and alcohol testing of employees and for pre-employment

We provide companies and organizations with end-to-end LC-MS/MS drug testing, with science developed by key opinion leaders. Thanks to our own accredited lab we can provide an ultrafast turnaround time, with results as quick as next day, and our fully digitized system makes the process more secure for the employee and the results more reliable for you.

Workplace testing
A full service offering, covering everything from fulfilling or setting up a drug and alcohol testing policy, to randomized testing, incident testing and handling of positive results.

Pre-employment testing
A service fully tailored to onboard candidates quickly by getting reliable results fast and safe.

Step 1. Ordering

Order testing digitally, according to your drug policies.

Step 2. Sampling

Secure sample collection at the workplace, with digital donor consent.

Step 3. Logistics

Samples are shipped directly to our in-house lab.

Step 4. Analysis

LC-MS/MS laboratory analysis, with customized testing panels available for various combinations of substances.

Step 5. Results

Results are compiled and available as quick as next day in our online dashboard.

Step 6. Support

For Random and Incident testing we provide HR support and insights into trends, in case of positive tests.

treatment center

Drug and alcohol testing in substance abuse treatment

We provide end-to-end alcohol and drugs of abuse testing for treatment centers. Through our fully in-house lab we can deliver results as quick as the next day, and thanks to our fully digitized chain we make sure that results are not only delivered quickly, but also accurately and securely.

We use only LC-MS/MS, instead of immuno screening, and with our adaptable panels, you can decide exactly what to test for.

Step 1. Sampling and logging

Rapid testing or sample collection at treatment center, logging of sample and choice of adaptable panels.

Step 2. Shipping and analysis

Samples are shipped directly to our in-house lab, and analysed using LC-MS/MS.

Step 3. Results

Quantitative results available as quick as next day through our online dashboard.

customized solutions

Drug and alcohol testing for other relevant settings

We also perform drug and alcohol testing with the same level of accuracy in settings such as sporting events, the court and criminal justice system, schools and for other applicable events.

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Frequently asked questions


What types of drug tests do you offer?
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We offer a variety of drug testing services including urine, blood, and saliva tests. Each type of test has its unique advantages, and we can help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

How accurate are your drug tests?
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Our drug tests are highly accurate and reliable. We use state-of-the-art technology and methodologies (LC-MS/MS), instead of immuno screening, for both screening and verification.

How long does it take to get results?
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We employ an ultrafast turnaround, thanks to our own lab. Typically, results are available as quick as the next business day, while tests sampled at certain locations, and different kinds of tests may take a bit longer.

What substances can you test for?
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We can test for a wide range of substances. If you have specific substances you need to test for, our adaptable panels allow you to choose exactly which substances you need to test for.

Can you detect attempts to cheat or adulterate a drug test?
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Yes, we employ various techniques to ensure the integrity of the test results, and our testing procedures include measures to detect tampering or adulteration of samples.

Are the results confidential?
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Yes, we uphold strict confidentiality policies. Test results are shared only with authorized individuals or organizations as per the consent provided by the person being tested.

What happens if a drug test is positive?
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If a drug test comes back positive, it indicates the presence of one or more substances. We can provide additional information and guidance on the next steps, which may vary depending on the context of the testing (employment, legal, personal, etc.).

How to set up a drug testing program?
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Organizations interested in setting up a drug testing program can contact us directly, no matter if you already have a  policy to implement or not. We help design a program that meets your specific needs, including testing schedules and handling of results.

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