We provide large-scale automated disease testing – fast, smooth, and reliable solutions for health-care providers and patients.

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We believe the pandemic has changed diagnostics and healthcare forever. Looking towards the future, we are investing heavily to create solutions that make testing affordable, accessible and readily available.

About Us

Test Portfolio

Choose from qPCR virus detection – the global gold standard COVID-19 test – ELISA IgG, IgM, and/or IgA antibody testing, and ELISpot T cell response testing.

Our Tests
  • PCR
  • Elisa
  • ELISpot
  • NGS

Total Tests Analyzed

With the aid of automation and robotics, we process vast volumes and promise high quality, precision, and efficiency.

Our Share of Swedish COVID-19 Tests

On average we conduct 27% of all Swedish PCR tests, a critical contribution to national pandemic management.

Selected Partners

We work with the Public Health Agency of Sweden to conduct testing for 13 of the total 21 regions. We also join forces with private care providers to offer widely accessible, affordable coronavirus testing. All to support the Swedish national COVID-19 strategy.

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Next-Generation Large-Scale Lab Testing

We believe the public deserves a rapidly adaptable and scalable health screening and monitoring system.

Why? To effectively combat and prevent the spread of disease by targeting and deploying testing when it is needed the most.

Our work provides faster, smoother, and more flexible testing for health-care providers and patients alike.

About usTest portfolio

Our Method

  • Robotics, and the automation of all ancillary processes, ensure high-throughput production paired with consistent quality and precision.

  • Customer dashboards provide care providers and policymakers with real-time connectivity to our internal lab processes. Track individual samples, overall turnaround times, and disease-control trends.

  • We work alongside top-notch academic researchers to quickly deploy new testing methodologies based on the latest research. Along with care providers and reimbursement bodies, we co-create models for large-scale distribution of next-generation testing.