Addressing some
of society’s biggest health challenges

Built by an interdisciplinary team of leaders from the medical, tech and science industries, we are providing corporations, organizations and treatment centers with ultrafast, secure end-to-end drug and alcohol testing.

The genesis of ABC Labs

ABC Labs was built in the midst of a global pandemic, quickly becoming the largest pandemic lab in Sweden. Now we are deploying our next generation diagnostics infrastructure to corporate and organizational drug testing, one of the largest societal challenges today.

March 2020

Lab launch

ABC Labs was built and deployed in 8 weeks, as a response to the global pandemic.

January 2021
Extraction-free PCR

We launched an extraction-free PCR test methodology, designed in-house, resulting in a seminal publication.

March 2021
Clinical T-cell test

We launched the first clinical T-cell test in Europe, used to study immunity in healthcare workers and short and long-term response in immunocompromised patients.

May 2021
Next Gen Sequencing

We launched NGS, Next Generation Sequencing, to identify and monitor unknown and novel virus mutations.

June 2021
First private lab to identify Delta

We became the first private lab to be able to identify the Delta variant, garnering a large portion of all positive samples in Sweden being sent to ABC Labs.

December 2021
Development of in-house PCR kit

We developed a fully in-house PCR kit and methodology to set up the largest Omicron screening program in Sweden.

March 2022
Over 3 000 000 Covid tests

National Covid-testing ended. During the pandemic, we played a pivotal role with up to 28% of Sweden's PCR tests and won 12 regional tenders for future pandemic lab analysis.

october 2022
Launch of substance abuse testing

We launched testing of substances, by utilizing learnings, infrastructure and our team created during the pandemic.