About Us


ABC was created in response to the unprecedented challenges of covid-19 as an impact project. Initially built and deployed over seven weeks, ABC has worked closely with the Swedish Public Health Agency to conduct up to 25% of all national testing for covid-19. Our culture is defined by speed, agility, and innovation without ever compromising the highest standard of quality. Through partnerships with academic scientists, we created unique products that enabled the Swedish national screening program for the Alpha, Delta, and Omicron variants as well as the first test for measuring t-cell immunity in Europe.

ABC: Lab for the Future

We believe the pandemic has changed diagnostics and healthcare forever and there will be unprecedented demand for, among other things, home testing and preventative health screening. To do this at scale, we are now creating a digital infrastructure around testing that better integrates healthcare providers, labs, and patients to make diagnostics more affordable, accessible, and readily available.

Test Portfolio

ABC offers the full suite of SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics including NGS, T-Cells, IgG/IgA/IgM antibodies, and PCR. We are now building products for digital medicine, national screening programs, and specialist care.

Our Team