Quicker, safer,
more reliable drug testing.

Through our own accredited lab we provide a fully digitized end-to-end alcohol and drug testing solution for workplaces and treatment centers.

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Highest Quality

Our lab and processes are developed by our interdisciplinary team of highly experienced leaders from the medical, tech and scientific industries.

Ultrafast Turnaround

We shorten the time between testing and results, with results available as quick as the next day, thanks to our own laboratory.

End-to-End Solution

Our comprehensive approach takes care of every aspect of substance abuse testing, through a single point of contact via our digital CareOS software platform.

Based on innovative
research and science

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“I got the opportunity to set up an analytical toxicology unit according to my own ideas and build something new [...]. In drugs of abuse testing, you usually do immunoassay screening and then you do confirmation by MS. My idea [was] to only use MS for screening and confirmation, and that’s what we are establishing in this new laboratory. ABC Labs could provide 24/7 service for Covid-19 tests, and they analyzed about 30,000 samples each day with a 24-hour response time. I was really impressed how they developed operations of that size in a very short time. I want[ed] to do the same with toxicology.”

image of Olof Beck
Professor Emeritus of Clinical Pharmacology at Karolinska Institutet and co-author of the EWDTS guidelines

Olof Beck

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